Age of Conan Strategy Guide
  • Discover the most efficient path to hit the level cap
  • Optimize your character performance by gear, spell and abilities recommendations
  • Learn how to wisely spend points and create the most awesome feat build
  • Become a well respected guild member with your crafting contribution
  • Explore and take advantage of the most rewarding gold making strategies

  •

Age of Conan Assassin Guide

Age of Conan Assassin Guide
  • Find out how to reach level 80 in a week
  • Discover insider tips to earning hundreds of gold daily
  • Assassin specific quest walkthroughs
  • A list of the best equipment from levels 1 through 80
  • In-depth analysis of every skill and feat
  • Add-ons and other Assassin specific resources
  • Most efficient solo and group strategies
  • Assassin PvP strategies

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