Age of Conan Strategy Guide
  • Discover the most efficient path to hit the level cap
  • Optimize your character performance by gear, spell and abilities recommendations
  • Learn how to wisely spend points and create the most awesome feat build
  • Become a well respected guild member with your crafting contribution
  • Explore and take advantage of the most rewarding gold making strategies

  •

Age of Conan Gold Guide

The Ultimate Age of Conan Gold Guide

This is the ONLY AoC Guide that focuses on getting you rich in this game. It will show you simple to follow strategies on maximizing your profits. There are players with over 1,000 gold already, and you can be one of them. You won't have to buy gold from chinese farmers or use any hacks, exploits or bots which can get you banned.
By utilizing only a few of these strategies you can easily make over 100 gold daily in less than one hour playtime!

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This guide features:

  • Extremely effective ways for lower level players to earn gold, even if you're just getting started
  • Detailed explanation of everything you need to know about building your Age of Conan empire
  • No other guild will ever take your land because you will have equipped your guild's warriors with the best gear in AoC.
  • In addition to the gold guide, there are 4 bonus guides and a crafting guide that explains how to use every single craft.
This is THE fastest way to make gold in Hyborian Adventures. It's about time you start making your own gold and putting the Chinese Farmers out of business. Every strategy in this guide is tested and proven to work!
There are great leveling guides out there, but this one is 100% focused on getting you filthy rich, and is 100% successful at it.

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