Age of Conan Strategy Guide
  • Discover the most efficient path to hit the level cap
  • Optimize your character performance by gear, spell and abilities recommendations
  • Learn how to wisely spend points and create the most awesome feat build
  • Become a well respected guild member with your crafting contribution
  • Explore and take advantage of the most rewarding gold making strategies

  •

Age of Conan Assassin Guide

Age of Conan Assassin Guide
  • Find out how to reach level 80 in a week
  • Discover insider tips to earning hundreds of gold daily
  • Assassin specific quest walkthroughs
  • A list of the best equipment from levels 1 through 80
  • In-depth analysis of every skill and feat
  • Add-ons and other Assassin specific resources
  • Most efficient solo and group strategies
  • Assassin PvP strategies

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Age of Conan Gold Guide

The Ultimate Age of Conan Gold Guide

This is the ONLY AoC Guide that focuses on getting you rich in this game. It will show you simple to follow strategies on maximizing your profits. There are players with over 1,000 gold already, and you can be one of them. You won't have to buy gold from chinese farmers or use any hacks, exploits or bots which can get you banned.
By utilizing only a few of these strategies you can easily make over 100 gold daily in less than one hour playtime!

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This guide features:

  • Extremely effective ways for lower level players to earn gold, even if you're just getting started
  • Detailed explanation of everything you need to know about building your Age of Conan empire
  • No other guild will ever take your land because you will have equipped your guild's warriors with the best gear in AoC.
  • In addition to the gold guide, there are 4 bonus guides and a crafting guide that explains how to use every single craft.
This is THE fastest way to make gold in Hyborian Adventures. It's about time you start making your own gold and putting the Chinese Farmers out of business. Every strategy in this guide is tested and proven to work!
There are great leveling guides out there, but this one is 100% focused on getting you filthy rich, and is 100% successful at it.

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Age of Conan Demonologist Guide

Having a difficult time leveling your demonologist? Halfway through 80 but nowhere near the first gold coin? Not to mention how many times you've respecced your feat build. These frustrations are not what you pay your subscription fees for. With the Age of Conan Demonologist Guide, you can make your character truly shine and enjoy the best of what the game has to offer.

Highlights of the Age of Conan Demonologist Guide:
  • How to hit level 80 in 7 days – and still have time for a real life
  • Secrets to gold-making by tradeskills, questing, grinding and looting
  • Spell and pet guides: Most effective casting sequences and spellweaving strategies
  • Insider's feat analysis that saves you from respeccing
  • Gear recommendations level by level
  • Assiduous solo and group strategies for level 1 to 80
  • Complete reference list for instance and raiding
  • Anti-class PvP tactics specific to Demonologist

Leveling for AoC Demonologists: Demos are class of their own in every way when it comes to leveling. The AoC Demo Guide shows you all the tricks to get you going and flying through levels. Whether your goal is to solo to level 80 as fast as possible or to tag along with a group of friends, there is advice for everyone, including grinding and questing locations for every level.

Gold-making for Demos: Funding your mount at level 40 seems like a distant goal? Consult the AoC Demo Guide for strategies to help you get there. The guide explores the most profitable gold-making strategies and reveals ways to optimize your earnings from professions, questing and looting.

AoC Demo Spells and Demon Pets: AoC Demonologists have a wide array of spells and pets at their disposal. Knowing when and how to use which spell is a matter of life and death. Wrong choices not only mean wasting mana but also leaves you wide open to serious beatings. The Age of Conan Demo Guide goes beyond explaining each spell and pet to show you how to turn them into a truely deadly arsenal.

AoC Demos Feat Building: With over 70 feats to decide from, choices for demonologists are not so obvious. The AoC Demonologist Guide gives you a run down on all the feats and advises you on what works and what is not worth your time. Recommended and tested builds are provided to help you deal massive damage, double your gold income, boost your leveling progress and dominate others in PVP.

Demonologist Items: Looking for killer gear specific for your level or your personal dream gear set? The AoC Demo guide gives advice on which type of items provide the best stats and attributes for Age of Conan Demos. This chapter alone saves you hours of research by recommending equipment you should look out for at each level and the best way to obtain it.

Solo and group strategies: Repeated trips to resurrection points bore you to death? Always running out of mana? Groups don't invite you back? It is that extra edge you are missing. Imagine you are being consulted by a team of experts who can teach you how to efficiently perform solo and flawlessly work in groups. The Age of Conan Demonologist Guide covers solo and group strategies you can deploy with your AoC demonologist at each stage of your progression.

Instance and Raiding: Don't forget to check the full listing of available instances provided in the AoC Demo guide and find out what instances you should be heading to at your level for better loot and experience.

PVP for Demonologist: An AoC Demo can be a force of nature in PvP. Learn how to use the class properly against other classes and start earning your respect from them. The AoC Demonologist guide offers strategies and useful tactics you can actually apply to defeat every other class.

Mods and Addons: Take advantage of the latest mods and addons available to demonologists. The Age of Conan Demo guide gives that extra edge you need to make your life easier. No hacks, exploits and bots involved.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

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Age of Conan Interface Addons & Mods

MirageUI for Age of Conan

This AoC interface mod adds two static shortcut bars fixed above the main shortcut bar, and a larger group and pet window. Mirage UI will also enhance the display of buffs and debuffs, as well as color your chat window in different colors so it's easier to distinguish your guild or party chat. The functionality of the default default user interface is still there.
There are five different bar variations available: 3 bars, 2 bars, and 4 bars - 2 & 3 bar versions also have small and big sized buttons.

Download link for MirageUI

MazzleUI for Age of Conan

MazzleUI features:
  • Everything in the UI is in the bottom 160 pixels of the screen
  • 57 bindable buttons in three compact rows
  • Five micro-buttons to access inventory, feats, the character/skill window, the spell/combo window and the quest journal.
  • Buffs grow out from the unit frames so they don't take use any additional vertical space.
  • The type of enemy you're facing is clearly labeled in english: normal, elite, boss, mini-boss, minion, group boss, raid boss, etc.

Configuring Mazzle UI:

1) Set up Map: Open your regional map with whatever key binding you had set up for it. Resize it to the minimum size allowable. (If your world map is open as well, you may want to close it. I personally never use that map.) Drag it to the bottom right UI bottom panel, and then position it so that the title of map goes over the silver tab area of that UI panel. Then resize it to fill up the panel.

2) Set up Main Chat: Drag you main chat window to the left UI bottom panel. Resize it to fill up the panel. I configure the settings of that chat window to use a small font and auto-hide the chat box.

3) Set up Combat Log: If you dont' already have a combat log window, click on the little asterisk tab in your chat box to create a new combat log tab. Right-click on the combat log tab and select "Detach". Configure the settings of that chat window to use a small font and completely disable text entry. If your map is open, close it. Then move the new detached combat lag chat window to the right bottom UI panel. I size this one smaller than the left chat window so that it doesn't overlap anything in that UI panel and doesn't interfere with the map when it is pulled out.

4) Set up timber bars: Open up your options and select "User Interface" then "Advanced". Click "Show timer bars", hit "Apply", and then close the options. You'll see two timer bars. Select a target, so that you can see the target unit frame. Then drag the two timer bars to be directly underneath your player and target unit frames. Then go back to your options window and turn off the "Show timer bars" option and hit "Apply"

5) Set up your combo window: Perform the starting move of a combo. When your combo window comes up, move it flush with the top left of your player unit frame.

6) At this point, I'd tweak the sizes of the things you've set up to make sure you can access the four hotspots in the UI. These are areas of the bottom panel that contain hidden buttons to open up certain windows. Look at the screenshot titled "MazzleUI_SS1_Explained" to see where these hotspots are. You may need to resize/move the chat frames and map slightly to make sure you can click on them properly.

Download MazzleUI