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Age of Conan Interface Addons & Mods

MirageUI for Age of Conan

This AoC interface mod adds two static shortcut bars fixed above the main shortcut bar, and a larger group and pet window. Mirage UI will also enhance the display of buffs and debuffs, as well as color your chat window in different colors so it's easier to distinguish your guild or party chat. The functionality of the default default user interface is still there.
There are five different bar variations available: 3 bars, 2 bars, and 4 bars - 2 & 3 bar versions also have small and big sized buttons.

Download link for MirageUI

MazzleUI for Age of Conan

MazzleUI features:
  • Everything in the UI is in the bottom 160 pixels of the screen
  • 57 bindable buttons in three compact rows
  • Five micro-buttons to access inventory, feats, the character/skill window, the spell/combo window and the quest journal.
  • Buffs grow out from the unit frames so they don't take use any additional vertical space.
  • The type of enemy you're facing is clearly labeled in english: normal, elite, boss, mini-boss, minion, group boss, raid boss, etc.

Configuring Mazzle UI:

1) Set up Map: Open your regional map with whatever key binding you had set up for it. Resize it to the minimum size allowable. (If your world map is open as well, you may want to close it. I personally never use that map.) Drag it to the bottom right UI bottom panel, and then position it so that the title of map goes over the silver tab area of that UI panel. Then resize it to fill up the panel.

2) Set up Main Chat: Drag you main chat window to the left UI bottom panel. Resize it to fill up the panel. I configure the settings of that chat window to use a small font and auto-hide the chat box.

3) Set up Combat Log: If you dont' already have a combat log window, click on the little asterisk tab in your chat box to create a new combat log tab. Right-click on the combat log tab and select "Detach". Configure the settings of that chat window to use a small font and completely disable text entry. If your map is open, close it. Then move the new detached combat lag chat window to the right bottom UI panel. I size this one smaller than the left chat window so that it doesn't overlap anything in that UI panel and doesn't interfere with the map when it is pulled out.

4) Set up timber bars: Open up your options and select "User Interface" then "Advanced". Click "Show timer bars", hit "Apply", and then close the options. You'll see two timer bars. Select a target, so that you can see the target unit frame. Then drag the two timer bars to be directly underneath your player and target unit frames. Then go back to your options window and turn off the "Show timer bars" option and hit "Apply"

5) Set up your combo window: Perform the starting move of a combo. When your combo window comes up, move it flush with the top left of your player unit frame.

6) At this point, I'd tweak the sizes of the things you've set up to make sure you can access the four hotspots in the UI. These are areas of the bottom panel that contain hidden buttons to open up certain windows. Look at the screenshot titled "MazzleUI_SS1_Explained" to see where these hotspots are. You may need to resize/move the chat frames and map slightly to make sure you can click on them properly.

Download MazzleUI

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