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AoC Grinder - Age of Conan Bot

AoC Grinder is the most advanced experience grinding bot available for Age of Conan. It features an easy-to-use interface, fully customizable options for every last detail, and is fully capable of grinding every class from 1 to 80 within a respectable period of time. AoC Grinder is, and always will be, the ultimate grinding bot for Age of Conan. That's a promise.

  • Supports all 12 classes - no one is left out!

  • YOU are in control of what combos and spells are used. This also means that any feat template can integrate perfectly into AoC Grinder's system

  • Automatically reads all combo attacks - you are free to use any combo in the game, flawlessly

  • Heals, loots, and can even be programmed to harvest resources

  • Casts and re-casts buffs as needed

  • Uses an accurate, easy-to-use travel pathing system - say goodbye to those 2nd class bots that sprint around randomly, running into walls

  • Live messaging system allows administrators to come in contact with AoC Grinder users to alert them of updates and other important news while the bot is running

  • Bot is updated often to add new features - these updates are installed automatically using AoC Grinder's live updating system

  • Virtually undetectable - extreme measures have been taken to ensure that you will not be caught at any time

  • Full customer support provided to everyone - responses usually take no longer than a few hours!
You can download the bot on rapidshare.

AoC Grinder FAQ

Q. How does AoC Grinder work?
A. AoC Grinder acts just like a normal human. It runs around on a "path" that YOU create and fights any mobs that it finds along the way. It looks at your health, stamina, and mana to ensure that you are capable of producing good results, and will use combat methods that YOU design. While AoC Grinder is looping through its path, you can do whatever you want without giving any thought to your computer screen. Essentially, AoC Grinder temporarily replaces you, as a whole.

Q. Can I hack with AoC Grinder?
A. No. I know there are several programs out there that give you teleportation capabilities, increased speed, etc., but that is not what AoC Grinder is meant to do. It is meant to harvest resources, grind experience levels, and obtain loot. In the long run, that's more than any hack can give you, anyways.

Q. Can I get banned for using AoC Grinder?
A. There's always a chance. However, because AoC Grinder is so new and there are no other bots that currently offer the same undetectability features that AoC Grinder has, the chances of you getting banned are very slim. Of course, this program is against Funcom's terms of service, so you DO need to know that using this program is not endorsed by the company.

Q. Is AoC Grinder detectable?
A. Absolutely not. VisualBots takes our programs to the next level with the most advanced undetectability features. We have remained hidden from Blizzard Entertainment with our PvP bot, VisualPvP, and it is safe to say we will continue to maintain success with AoC Grinder. There is always a chance the bot will be detected, but it is a slim chance at that.

Q. Is AoC Grinder easy to set up? I'm horrible with computers.
A. AoC Grinder is extremely easy to set up. In fact, the program sports what we call an "Easy Setup Wizard" which will walk you through every step in setting up the bot to ensure that you do not get confused. If you still need additional help, you can always ask on the forums or contact me.

Q. Does AoC Grinder require a special user interface? Do I need to use the default user interface to run this bot?
A. AoC Grinder is made to be used in conjunction with any custom user interface. There is not one type of UI that we prefer over the others; it is very simple to adapt the bot to your own preferences at any time.

Q. How much does AoC Grinder cost?
A. Please use the demo mode before purchasing to ensure that you like the bot. AoC Grinder costs a one-time fee of $14.95. After that, you will be free to use this software forever. Note, however, that by paying to use this program, you may not share your program key with other people. It is easy for us to track those who share their key, and the key will be banned from our database forever. Unfortunately, if this occurs, you will not receive a refund. This is simply how VisualBots protects its software from being pirated.

Q. How does AoC Grinder find things to kill?
A. After setting up your travel path, AoC Grinder will begin running until it sees a killable mob in the vicinity. When this occurs, it will stop traveling and will begin attacking the mob until it dies. Then, it will check for additional mobs that are attacking you, and if there are none, it will rest, then loot. If you set AoC Grinder to cast buffs on your character, it may cast them during this time as well. Then, it will begin traveling again, repeating the process until you want it to stop. As you would imagine, within just a few hours your bags will be filled with more money, valuable items, and your character will have gained a nice amount of experience points!

Q. Can AoC Grinder do quests for me?
A. Yes, to some extent. If you have a quest that asks you to kill X amount of mobs or collect Y amount of items, you can set AoC Grinder to hunt in a designated area where you need to kill a particular mob. When you check up on your character in an hour or two, you may find that the quests have been completed.

Q. Will AoC Grinder attack other players?
A. AoC Grinder will not intentionally attack other players, and probably never will. In the future, we may enable AoC Grinder to fight back when it is attacked, but for now we do not wish for this feature to be implemented.

Q. What happens if my character dies?
A. When your character dies, AoC Grinder can do one of two things: pause itself and play an alarm, or resurrect and continue using the path you previously designed to kill mobs. In the future, more options will be added for your character's death.

Q. What about eating, drinking, and buffing?
A. AoC Grinder is fully capable of eating, drinking, and buffing your character when needed. Simply specify the hotkeys you want to use to buff your character along with the cooldown time, and AoC Grinder will take care of the rest.

Q. I keep dying - what am I doing wrong?
A. First, make sure the bot is doing what it's supposed to be doing. Is it using its combos properly? Is it resting and using potions as needed? Is it casting spells properly? If not, you may want to re-configure the bot. Otherwise, you may wish to create a new travel path, edit your current choice of spells/combos used, or try to grind elsewhere.

Q. What mobs is AoC Grinder best at killing?
A. For the most part, AoC Grinder is capable of killing any mob - whether it is melee or ranged. However, it is always best for your travel path to contain as many melee mobs as possible. Also, if your character does not have a ranged pulling attack or a "charge" attack (such as Hellstep), you may want to refrain from trying to kill ranged mobs.

Q. What are the system requirements?
A. You will not be able to run AoC Grinder on a Mac or an extremely old version of Windows, such as Windows ME or Windowes 98. There also seems to be compatibility issues with 64-bit systems, but try it out anyways. Other than that, you should be good to go. Also, please note that you will need .NET Framework 2.0 installed. More than likely, however, you already have this installed on your system. When in doubt, just try to run AoC Grinder. It won't make your computer explode; I promise.

Q. AoC Grinder is crashing my game! What do I do?
A. There is no possible way for AoC Grinder to directly crash your game. More than likely, your system does not have enough memory to run Age of Conan very reliably to begin with, and with the addition of AoC Grinder rapidly controlling your character, your system runs out of memory. Try closing any other programs you have open, or get a memory upgrade.

Q. Can I type while running AoC Grinder?
A. AoC Grinder uses the movement keys to move. Therefore, while it is moving, you can type; however, while in combat, you will need to make sure your chat frame is not in use.

Q. I still can't get this thing to work! I'm so frustrated. What do I do now?
A. Try our forums. I will monitor them frequently to try to answer your questions as soon as possible. If I don't get to you in time, someone else will. The point of the forums is to establish an active community and give you the opportunity to discuss the bot with others.

Q. I'm not very good at creating travel paths for AoC Grinder. Can I have one of yours?
A. Drop by our forums. There is a category specifically designed to hold a horde of travel paths created by myself and the rest of AoC Grinder's users.

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